jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Transantiago rules

In general I think that transantiago make public trasport a lot better than before. Obvioulsy the sisten has some problems but, mostly will be resolve by a couple of year.

The pre-trasantiago sistem (with the yellow buses) has seriously troubles of all kind. First of all, the chauffeurs of the old buses, souffer a lots of attacks by robbers because the money were in the bus. Today they are almoust no robberys because the the "bip!" card. The target make the sistem makes easier and faster also to users. Other thing is the cuality of the buses. Yellow one were in so bad state that mously of the time the buses just broke on the middle of a trip. Now, with the nwe buses it can be more people on a bus because of the size. Also are cleaner for insite and out site, in other word, they help to enviroment because yellow buses emaneted a lot of pollution. But unfortunatly, not everything it is so nice. The sistem has problem to users, they still have to wait a lot for a bus, and also, almoust all the time, do a lots of transfers to one bus to another, and they are still a low number of buses for some boroughs. So the guberment should wait and work hard for make solutions.

Obviousy, the fist monts of transantiago were a disaster. People, not undertand a thing about the sistem, they were very angry for the subway situation, etc. But with the time I guess those things will change. Today the all sistem it's more fast and efficient, the studenst also no have problems with the chauffeurs, and this no do the old "racing" for get more passenger (because they have an statesalary). I thing that the biggest problems its that people not pay his ticket, I would applied some reglament for that.

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Education in Chile

Education in Chile it's a very controvertial subject today, since a couple of of years ago. The reason of this it's because, as a country, we suffer a lots of problems especially in the economic sense. Well, even if Chile has nearly the strongest economy in Latinamerica, it has the worse investment. Since Pinochet dictatorship in the seventys thanks to the changes in the constitution, the neoliberalism (beetwen other things) did in the chilean education a very unstable sistem. Although this last guberments are been trying to fix some problems (securing free education for primary school for example) the structural ones, are persisting. They are big troubles with the cuality of the schools, and it's also the problem with the spensive costs of universitys. Not every people can have superior studies because, first, you have to get in with an specifical mark in the PSU test, and second, tu should have money to pay, so a person who didn't have a good education has lowest chances to get a good mark and probably if he didn't have the money for a good school, he wouldn't have money to pay university either. There are private universitys too but those are more spensive almoust all the time. This is the reality of the chilean universitys.