jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

My Faculty

Well, my Faculty is very small and separate from the rest of the campus. One of the biggest problems that we, the student, always have is the same problem that all student of Universidad de Chile has: the administration problem. The thing is that you always have problems with paper and stuff, and if you have doubts of anything related with the courses and thing like that you don't have nobody to ask, and if you do,m that persone never had the anwer. This situation probably similar in all public education and it is more serious in here because the old age of the university (for the establish people who works here)
Because the faculty is so from from the campus and more far from the other arts carrers the entire organization of Arts is a mess. For the student movement that is a big problem.
Other problems has related with the carrer it self. It is a young carrer (it's been over 6 year from the re-structure of the couses and teachers)and that mind that the organization of of it is still inefficient. Manny teachers are leaving the faculty also and that a real problem because the mayority are great teachers.
This subject need to be fix, the steps to follow a solution is that the university listen the students and teacher problems and ask them their opinion to improve all. Next I guess its prepare discutions about it. I dont know really what can be the solutions because all this problems has always an structural and bigger problems.