miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

ARTs artS

Well, I choose this carrer because it was always the thing that a loved most, but in my first years of higts school I loved chemistry and the cience subjects, I tougth that art will be a hobby or something like that, but then this became clear to my vocation. Arts was the thing for me. When I get in into the university I wasn't sure what it was about, then i knew that philosophy and aesthetics was an important part of the carrer, that weas great. So What i love the most its the art critics, contemporary art history and aesthetics, so what I want to do and give to the society is make publication for all people and do some teaching in some university, I would love do some reaserch too, becoming a big investigator. I also want to study more after university, like a master in media art or contemporary art.

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

a very nice place...

Almoust eight years ago, me and my family did a trip for the south of Chile to a place named Panguipulli, There lives some brothers of my mom, and in that time they were the part of the family that a didn't met (that was the special reason to go there). We were I big group: my dad,mi sister, two aunts, a uncle and a cousin. we have a really good time. Panguipulli it's a very pretty quiet place, full of whater and woods, animals like wild board and a lot of birds and insects. There we do entertaining things, we went to the reaver, to the sea, we swim in the the lake, we ride houses, and we walk to a lot of beautiful landscapes. The country food, the family and the think that you can do are the reason why I love the place but musly the people are very diferent from santiago, they are lovely and hospitable people.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

New blog

This is a new blog for all Superestar Jesus Christ fans.
My name is Carol I'am a Bello's doaughter in Theory of Arts. This blog is an assignment for the english class. I really hope improve my english this year, because the last one i was not to good. I apologize because I don't not what else to write so goodbye and I send a hug to everyone in the english class.