jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009


Something that we must understand in careers like Visual Arts or History and Theory of Art, it is that exist a lot (almost infinite) perspective of studied them and a lot of areas applied and related to art, so any opinion about how the areas develop in arts subjects is a very complex work. How ever, they are disciplines that can help better then others to explain de changes, problems, crisis and subject related to arts (sociology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, etc). And those are disciplines with there own complexities. By the other hand, there is other types oh "universal" disciplines that you can applied to almost any area.
Technology, for example, you can see it in art it self, that means, used has objects or as medium for some contemporary arts (since photography until video-art, digital art, net-art, etc.). Also technology can be used by us, the historians and aesthete people to search information of all kind when we make researches and also as tool for documentation about art works. This represent a big effort to old generations of historians and aesthetes people, because means that they have to open there minds to new realities and also means that they have to adjust to different change of working. Technology it not just means use new tools, but means something that changes the complete way to see things.
Other universal discipline is social matters. As I said before, sociology is one of the perspectives to study the history of art, you can see the Material Culture through the history of arts. But you can also understand modern age, the economic liberalism and consume by the masses, as elements that can explain today’s aesthetized society.
Also is the Education subject. This matters to all students. we should always been interested in search the best way they us as a carer we can be academically. But you can also see from other point, for example, the role that plays in our national education. This is an important discussion having in mind that today schools art deciding to eliminate the "visuals arts" course of primary.