jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009


Something that we must understand in careers like Visual Arts or History and Theory of Art, it is that exist a lot (almost infinite) perspective of studied them and a lot of areas applied and related to art, so any opinion about how the areas develop in arts subjects is a very complex work. How ever, they are disciplines that can help better then others to explain de changes, problems, crisis and subject related to arts (sociology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, etc). And those are disciplines with there own complexities. By the other hand, there is other types oh "universal" disciplines that you can applied to almost any area.
Technology, for example, you can see it in art it self, that means, used has objects or as medium for some contemporary arts (since photography until video-art, digital art, net-art, etc.). Also technology can be used by us, the historians and aesthete people to search information of all kind when we make researches and also as tool for documentation about art works. This represent a big effort to old generations of historians and aesthetes people, because means that they have to open there minds to new realities and also means that they have to adjust to different change of working. Technology it not just means use new tools, but means something that changes the complete way to see things.
Other universal discipline is social matters. As I said before, sociology is one of the perspectives to study the history of art, you can see the Material Culture through the history of arts. But you can also understand modern age, the economic liberalism and consume by the masses, as elements that can explain today’s aesthetized society.
Also is the Education subject. This matters to all students. we should always been interested in search the best way they us as a carer we can be academically. But you can also see from other point, for example, the role that plays in our national education. This is an important discussion having in mind that today schools art deciding to eliminate the "visuals arts" course of primary.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

My Faculty

Well, my Faculty is very small and separate from the rest of the campus. One of the biggest problems that we, the student, always have is the same problem that all student of Universidad de Chile has: the administration problem. The thing is that you always have problems with paper and stuff, and if you have doubts of anything related with the courses and thing like that you don't have nobody to ask, and if you do,m that persone never had the anwer. This situation probably similar in all public education and it is more serious in here because the old age of the university (for the establish people who works here)
Because the faculty is so from from the campus and more far from the other arts carrers the entire organization of Arts is a mess. For the student movement that is a big problem.
Other problems has related with the carrer it self. It is a young carrer (it's been over 6 year from the re-structure of the couses and teachers)and that mind that the organization of of it is still inefficient. Manny teachers are leaving the faculty also and that a real problem because the mayority are great teachers.
This subject need to be fix, the steps to follow a solution is that the university listen the students and teacher problems and ask them their opinion to improve all. Next I guess its prepare discutions about it. I dont know really what can be the solutions because all this problems has always an structural and bigger problems.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

W.H.A.T W.H.A.T to do!

I think that foreigner tourist most visit different places that show the culture and do typical things that Chileans do to have fun or to have a nice time. Chilean food and Chilean drink of all kind need to be teats by them, which mean they need visit not only the highest places, but the popular one. They need going places for parting, visits the greatest museums and cultural centres of the city, go to public parks. etc.

Santiago has a lot of beautiful and funny places, for example, I said that one cool place to go if you are a foreigner tourist is "la piojera", basically because you can drink and eat at the Chilean way no matter the day or time you go. Inside, I mean the place it self is decorate like a "fonda" and is always full of people who scratch the wall with funny things to remember the visit. Other place that you need to go its cerro San Cristobal, if you climb up cerro San Cristobal you can see the entire city, it is a very lovely image. You can go down for the funicular and see the rest of Santiago when you do it. For drink and party you most go Bellavista area, you can go with very few money and drink a lot of beer (the best beer is the handmade beer). Close to pubs of Bellavista area there are dancing place for all taste so you go after drinking. Other places to go are Quinta Normal's cultural circuit who has different museums (like Contemporary Art Museum, National History Museum Arte Quin Museum, etc) parks and libraries.

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

My favourite Avant-Garde i most say it's Dadaism. Well, i love this movement and the reason why I think is't so important it's that there art work change the entired history of Art. This it's not my idea, they are a lot of people thats agree with me between them, important philosofers, historian and critics of arts. The most representative artist of this avant garde its definilly Marcel Duchamp. He probably did the greates, creative and clever art work , putting simples objetcs in a museum. This estrategy has to do whit the biggest cuestion in arts about what its art really, and pushing people think make serious reflections about art categories like "artist" "object" and "sing". This concept were questioned for work like "the fountain" or "Chair". This alsome artistic operations can't be oversome until our days. A similar impact was, decades after dadaism, the art works from Cezanne o Manet, they beggin the entired problem of "representation" in the painting, and Duchamp continius exploring this lenguage issue in art and become a leyend. . The biggest contribution was the all subject of the Art Institution. With “the fountain”, an urinal that he just buy singing it with the word “mutt”, was the fist time that some artist put an object doing notting in it, this operation represents the antic value of having the category and name of artist: finally art its what you say it is and what institution accept between there walls.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Transantiago rules

In general I think that transantiago make public trasport a lot better than before. Obvioulsy the sisten has some problems but, mostly will be resolve by a couple of year.

The pre-trasantiago sistem (with the yellow buses) has seriously troubles of all kind. First of all, the chauffeurs of the old buses, souffer a lots of attacks by robbers because the money were in the bus. Today they are almoust no robberys because the the "bip!" card. The target make the sistem makes easier and faster also to users. Other thing is the cuality of the buses. Yellow one were in so bad state that mously of the time the buses just broke on the middle of a trip. Now, with the nwe buses it can be more people on a bus because of the size. Also are cleaner for insite and out site, in other word, they help to enviroment because yellow buses emaneted a lot of pollution. But unfortunatly, not everything it is so nice. The sistem has problem to users, they still have to wait a lot for a bus, and also, almoust all the time, do a lots of transfers to one bus to another, and they are still a low number of buses for some boroughs. So the guberment should wait and work hard for make solutions.

Obviousy, the fist monts of transantiago were a disaster. People, not undertand a thing about the sistem, they were very angry for the subway situation, etc. But with the time I guess those things will change. Today the all sistem it's more fast and efficient, the studenst also no have problems with the chauffeurs, and this no do the old "racing" for get more passenger (because they have an statesalary). I thing that the biggest problems its that people not pay his ticket, I would applied some reglament for that.

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Education in Chile

Education in Chile it's a very controvertial subject today, since a couple of of years ago. The reason of this it's because, as a country, we suffer a lots of problems especially in the economic sense. Well, even if Chile has nearly the strongest economy in Latinamerica, it has the worse investment. Since Pinochet dictatorship in the seventys thanks to the changes in the constitution, the neoliberalism (beetwen other things) did in the chilean education a very unstable sistem. Although this last guberments are been trying to fix some problems (securing free education for primary school for example) the structural ones, are persisting. They are big troubles with the cuality of the schools, and it's also the problem with the spensive costs of universitys. Not every people can have superior studies because, first, you have to get in with an specifical mark in the PSU test, and second, tu should have money to pay, so a person who didn't have a good education has lowest chances to get a good mark and probably if he didn't have the money for a good school, he wouldn't have money to pay university either. There are private universitys too but those are more spensive almoust all the time. This is the reality of the chilean universitys.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009


I have to say that blogging became a very interesting experience, maybe not at first but later i can see the results. well, the first time we did did the blogging thing i thougt "oh this it's new", personaly I never tried to do it before, so it cost me a bit. Then couple of times later, it was easier to use (so in the tecnical sense i definily improve). If I enjoy or not doing it, it's relative of the topics of the blogging, there was some post about art and our preference, that was nice because you can say what you like and thing like that. The bad side was doing it at home, when you were not in class. I enjoy comment other people too, and read there's posting work. But tooking about the real progress in english thing i think that the blogging and the posting thing it really works to make you improve you writing and reading habilities, you cant notice how you make ideas and sentences more fast and better and you can use a more creative way of writing. Other thing that i guess it's great is the freedom of treats the topics and ways to express yourself, because with that you learn and practice an especifical and usefull way of normal tooking, this is a fluid and daily one. At the same time the sistem it's good because, you are force to an especifical number of words so you cant notice how faster you are improve thanks to the time you use to make your post. Well, finally a really recommend this type of homeworks, i think there are interactive, ludic and playful, and we can prove what you improve working with it. Maybe i've change doing on the class time, because we perfecly can do ir at home, and use that time for other activity, but this is just a detail and i can also see the good side of that and it's that it force us to do it, because you can forget it doing outside of de classroom.

: D

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

between-look= entre-vista

First of all, i have to mention it's that the way that Ken Robinson has to says thing, making jokes and everything i thinks it's great and make that espontainously you put more attention of what he it's saying. so about the contain of that, well i'm agree with what he says about creativity and the way that shools kill it. This i guess it's a fact (and not just because there art estrict school) the school programs should increase all kinds of skill and help to develop diferent ways of thinking and not under an squematic pre-determined way. You can see the consecuences of this problems for example, in the academical choises and work choises, people are not just to it to do what they want with liberty, the ajust to universal canons of save successful. Killing creativity it's killing liberty in many ways. Education should be more flexible and less punitive, kids have a lot to say about that.


lunes, 8 de junio de 2009


Well, my favourite subject this semester is “ the spectacle society: reeding Guy Debord”. This course it is about neomarxism on the perpective of one author who it’s cineast and writer and has diferent reflexions about comercial and consumer contemporary society, he speaks from Marx but also from Lukacs and other authors who saw the expantion of the capitalism economy to all the dimention of life. The name of the profesor who teaches this course it’s Rodrigo Zuñiga, he it’s a great aesthetics and teacher, we are all, agree with that . I like this subject for two reasons, The first one its basicaly because I all realdy have one course with this teacher so I know his sistem of working and the way the see and treats the topics, and the second one it’s because de topics of the book “spectacle society” the movies, the other authors and the other topics around are very interesting to me. At the time, I’ve learn the begginings of marxism and the way that the society of spectacle applies to all usual life, not just television and cinema.

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

T.h.e....B.e.s.t : uncle Martin

This it's very hard thing to do, because in my field there are millions of greats minds, and always a good writer has lots of other influences before. But if I had to choose, I think will be Martin Heidegger's work. Even if he didn't work in the specific art area he did an incredible writing about certain topic of post-aesthetics. Well, he it's an german philosopher from twenty century, and he changes the way to study art and see the artwork. It was an disciple of Husserl, the pionner in phenomenology and best theacher of Heidegger, where he gets the biggest influence in this particulary way to look at the studied objects. I find Heidegger's work as the most important theories of art in the last years because what he tried to do it's a construction of an specifical treatment of artworks leaving all what tradition left for us, he change the aesthetic look for an fhenomenical one (worried about "world" and "earth" two concepts that conform human life and has the best appeareance in the art). He invent a position to art."Ser y Tiempo" it's the most important book of Heidegger, but he treats arts in "Caminos de Bosque".

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Best friend in the world

my best friend's name is Sebastian Santander. Hi has almoust my same age, twenty two . He just to live in my street, very close to my house, but he left that house a couple months ago. Well I know him sense 2000 or 2001, thanks to his cousin, he didn't like me very well at first I thought "he its kind of nerd". We are similar in many ways, taste en music, art, literature, close, studies, hobbys, way to see life, kinds of people that its important to us. But we have totaly different personality he it's very inmature sometime, impulsive, extremly espontanious. I think and then I act, he it's totaly the opposite. but that it's exactly the reason why we get alone well, we complement each other. One of the things that I love most about Sebastian is that he is the most friendly person that exist, everybody loves him right away and the other thing is that he is very clever, has greats ideas, and he it's good and what he do, he is always making academic and social proyect, always busy. I can do anything and go everywhere with him. I think that the only bad thing in our friendship it is that we argue often, but its always for small thing, he it's very sensitive and worried so sometime he make things more important that what really are. We need each other alot the biggest experience should be growing up together.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

My favourite web site it's one called "deliciuos.com". This page basically gives you a service of database for all the pages that you like. Is very cool because you name your own tags and categories for saving the web sites, and thats great to search it after you save them. You can also see other's people delicious and lokking for informations of all kinds all ready organized. Like all thing on internet, delicious has unlimited capacity and it's free. I discover for my friend sebastian hi love internet, and knows a lot good sites. A use delicious every day , because it's like my little google. I use for save a lot of information of art, music, history, philosophy, magazines, books, pictures, other databases etc. I like it because, sometime you want to save information but you computer doesn't have a big memory so, you have to erase things, with delicious de information it in other place, but at the same tome its there for you.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

From atom to the bit

I have to say that I have a lot of favourite pieces of tecnology. but, witch I love most Iguess it's my laptop. I have it since 2007, the year that I got in into university. My parents gived it to me on christmas day, and it was the perfect gift to me , because in university you write a lot, and you need internet all the time. Since the day on chrismas I use my laptop almoust every day, to check my mails, to do researchs, to write papers, to watch movies and tv series, to play music, yo make animations, to chat with my friends, etc. so, as you can see, using the laptop it's like something daily and almoust necesary to me. I guess that not having it, could be dangerous not just for my entertainment life, but for my academic work. I like it because make very much easy a lot of thing , and you never stop discovering new thing to do with it.

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

ARTs artS

Well, I choose this carrer because it was always the thing that a loved most, but in my first years of higts school I loved chemistry and the cience subjects, I tougth that art will be a hobby or something like that, but then this became clear to my vocation. Arts was the thing for me. When I get in into the university I wasn't sure what it was about, then i knew that philosophy and aesthetics was an important part of the carrer, that weas great. So What i love the most its the art critics, contemporary art history and aesthetics, so what I want to do and give to the society is make publication for all people and do some teaching in some university, I would love do some reaserch too, becoming a big investigator. I also want to study more after university, like a master in media art or contemporary art.

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

a very nice place...

Almoust eight years ago, me and my family did a trip for the south of Chile to a place named Panguipulli, There lives some brothers of my mom, and in that time they were the part of the family that a didn't met (that was the special reason to go there). We were I big group: my dad,mi sister, two aunts, a uncle and a cousin. we have a really good time. Panguipulli it's a very pretty quiet place, full of whater and woods, animals like wild board and a lot of birds and insects. There we do entertaining things, we went to the reaver, to the sea, we swim in the the lake, we ride houses, and we walk to a lot of beautiful landscapes. The country food, the family and the think that you can do are the reason why I love the place but musly the people are very diferent from santiago, they are lovely and hospitable people.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

New blog

This is a new blog for all Superestar Jesus Christ fans.
My name is Carol I'am a Bello's doaughter in Theory of Arts. This blog is an assignment for the english class. I really hope improve my english this year, because the last one i was not to good. I apologize because I don't not what else to write so goodbye and I send a hug to everyone in the english class.