domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

Best friend in the world

my best friend's name is Sebastian Santander. Hi has almoust my same age, twenty two . He just to live in my street, very close to my house, but he left that house a couple months ago. Well I know him sense 2000 or 2001, thanks to his cousin, he didn't like me very well at first I thought "he its kind of nerd". We are similar in many ways, taste en music, art, literature, close, studies, hobbys, way to see life, kinds of people that its important to us. But we have totaly different personality he it's very inmature sometime, impulsive, extremly espontanious. I think and then I act, he it's totaly the opposite. but that it's exactly the reason why we get alone well, we complement each other. One of the things that I love most about Sebastian is that he is the most friendly person that exist, everybody loves him right away and the other thing is that he is very clever, has greats ideas, and he it's good and what he do, he is always making academic and social proyect, always busy. I can do anything and go everywhere with him. I think that the only bad thing in our friendship it is that we argue often, but its always for small thing, he it's very sensitive and worried so sometime he make things more important that what really are. We need each other alot the biggest experience should be growing up together.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

My favourite web site it's one called "". This page basically gives you a service of database for all the pages that you like. Is very cool because you name your own tags and categories for saving the web sites, and thats great to search it after you save them. You can also see other's people delicious and lokking for informations of all kinds all ready organized. Like all thing on internet, delicious has unlimited capacity and it's free. I discover for my friend sebastian hi love internet, and knows a lot good sites. A use delicious every day , because it's like my little google. I use for save a lot of information of art, music, history, philosophy, magazines, books, pictures, other databases etc. I like it because, sometime you want to save information but you computer doesn't have a big memory so, you have to erase things, with delicious de information it in other place, but at the same tome its there for you.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

From atom to the bit

I have to say that I have a lot of favourite pieces of tecnology. but, witch I love most Iguess it's my laptop. I have it since 2007, the year that I got in into university. My parents gived it to me on christmas day, and it was the perfect gift to me , because in university you write a lot, and you need internet all the time. Since the day on chrismas I use my laptop almoust every day, to check my mails, to do researchs, to write papers, to watch movies and tv series, to play music, yo make animations, to chat with my friends, etc. so, as you can see, using the laptop it's like something daily and almoust necesary to me. I guess that not having it, could be dangerous not just for my entertainment life, but for my academic work. I like it because make very much easy a lot of thing , and you never stop discovering new thing to do with it.