jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

W.H.A.T W.H.A.T to do!

I think that foreigner tourist most visit different places that show the culture and do typical things that Chileans do to have fun or to have a nice time. Chilean food and Chilean drink of all kind need to be teats by them, which mean they need visit not only the highest places, but the popular one. They need going places for parting, visits the greatest museums and cultural centres of the city, go to public parks. etc.

Santiago has a lot of beautiful and funny places, for example, I said that one cool place to go if you are a foreigner tourist is "la piojera", basically because you can drink and eat at the Chilean way no matter the day or time you go. Inside, I mean the place it self is decorate like a "fonda" and is always full of people who scratch the wall with funny things to remember the visit. Other place that you need to go its cerro San Cristobal, if you climb up cerro San Cristobal you can see the entire city, it is a very lovely image. You can go down for the funicular and see the rest of Santiago when you do it. For drink and party you most go Bellavista area, you can go with very few money and drink a lot of beer (the best beer is the handmade beer). Close to pubs of Bellavista area there are dancing place for all taste so you go after drinking. Other places to go are Quinta Normal's cultural circuit who has different museums (like Contemporary Art Museum, National History Museum Arte Quin Museum, etc) parks and libraries.

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  1. jajjajaja the piojera it´s very nice and if you drink a earthquake is better. jejje

  2. I'm very agree with you. This is the other side, the popular side of the city.

  3. I think there are better and cheaper places to go than La Piojera...

  4. I really cannot remember "that" place called Bellavista....is so out of me .....



    I love to go to all that places with you!
    sober or not ;D!

  5. I think la piojera is so popular now that is overpriced but, other than that, is a cool place.