lunes, 22 de junio de 2009


I have to say that blogging became a very interesting experience, maybe not at first but later i can see the results. well, the first time we did did the blogging thing i thougt "oh this it's new", personaly I never tried to do it before, so it cost me a bit. Then couple of times later, it was easier to use (so in the tecnical sense i definily improve). If I enjoy or not doing it, it's relative of the topics of the blogging, there was some post about art and our preference, that was nice because you can say what you like and thing like that. The bad side was doing it at home, when you were not in class. I enjoy comment other people too, and read there's posting work. But tooking about the real progress in english thing i think that the blogging and the posting thing it really works to make you improve you writing and reading habilities, you cant notice how you make ideas and sentences more fast and better and you can use a more creative way of writing. Other thing that i guess it's great is the freedom of treats the topics and ways to express yourself, because with that you learn and practice an especifical and usefull way of normal tooking, this is a fluid and daily one. At the same time the sistem it's good because, you are force to an especifical number of words so you cant notice how faster you are improve thanks to the time you use to make your post. Well, finally a really recommend this type of homeworks, i think there are interactive, ludic and playful, and we can prove what you improve working with it. Maybe i've change doing on the class time, because we perfecly can do ir at home, and use that time for other activity, but this is just a detail and i can also see the good side of that and it's that it force us to do it, because you can forget it doing outside of de classroom.

: D

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  1. Dear Carol
    I don't like your blog because is black, so boooring!! but I like how you expressed your ideas in the posts, you did a great job, ajaja
    :) kisses!

  2. Oh carol, you always have a concise opinion about everything, very good!!i like to read you

  3. Oh, I'm lazy and your writing looks like a brick! Hehe. Try to divide it into paragraphs (it is weel said?). Anyway, the idea was very clear.

    See U.

    --I have very few comments in my blog ...